Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fed Hock in the News

In today's Athens News, our program at Fed Hock received positive press - twice in one issue!

A small feature article in the Local News section reported on the camp, interviewing our Kids on Campus site director Crystal Smith and a few campers. The article explains how KoC works, and shines a favorable light on the work we're doing out there.

The reporter visited the school during last Friday's fun field day. The article mentions our emphasis on a local, fresh, plant-based diet and the importance of the lessons learned within.

"It may be surprising to hear that the kids at KoC enjoy eating vegetables. When asked if she thought eating healthily was fun, camper Johanna replied, 'Yeah, because you don't really do anything when you eat healthy but get strong.' "

I'm so glad that they quoted a few students in the article, as I can't say enough times how it really is about the kids, and so far it has been utterly rewarding to see how they are already learning and growing!

Read the whole article here.

Even more exciting was a letter to the editor in the same edition, written by our U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, who is already well-known for being a champion for our cause, supporting food-security organizations throughout the state. His letter (text here) encourages farmers to donate to the summer food programs, and provides some basic facts as well as contact information.

It's so wonderful to feel such support coming from all directions. Thanks, Sherrod Brown, and to the Athens News for featuring us! Now it's just up to us - onward to another busy, productive week!

(Thanks to the A-News for the top photo)

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