Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scones, salad, and so much more!

There were two scones baking in the oven. One scone turns to the other and says, "Man! It is getting hot in here!" The second scone says, "Oh my goodness! A talking scone!"

That's the joke I told at breakfast this morning, right before we served up plates of cheesy scrambled eggs (made with local Athens eggs, Snowville milk, and Walnut Creek Amish cheddar cheese) paired with blueberry scones from Crumbs Bakery.

Today we established a Clean Plate Club, which provides enthusiastic encouragement for the students to finish all of their food - and, indeed, today the pile of food scraps after meals was much smaller. We are lucky to be able to turn almost all of our food scraps for the summer into compost for the garden! This helps us achieve our camp goal of zero waste.

We also are providing fun incentives for the kids to try something new at every meal, and in general today, the mood at mealtimes was jovial.

We had a group of 5th-6th graders for two full hours in the kitchen with us this morning, and after a lesson on safety and sanitation, they got to work, rolling out breadsticks, shredding cabbage, chopping carrots and grating 4 pounds of cheese for the day's lunch, shared by all the students!

All of us who work in the kitchen can scarcely believe it has only been two days; we have squeezed so much energy and activity into those two days it feels like it has certainly been more.

Tomorrow there will be more hustle & bustle, and with each day I hope that the kids will be able to assist more and more with the food prep - and I definitely hope to see more members of the Clean Plate Club!

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  1. This post made me think of the Point Bonita field trip my dad does every year. The people where they stay use the term "garbology" to describe leftovers. The goal is to hit zero garbology with every meal. The students usually do really well by the time they leave!

    Also: scones? YUM!